Is technology a “good” thing?

This is a weird question to ask nowadays, especially coming from someone whose job it is to help, in my modest way, make and spread that Thing. But it’s been bugging me for a while now, and I’ve read and listened to arguments on both sides of the fence. The “Terminator” scenario This is the […]

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On Datacenters

I had it all figured out You see, I believed I knew all there was to know about how to succesfully transition into the Golden Age of IT maturity in Africa. My plan was simple: Use Open-Source Build datacenters Host locally The idea being that we need to start a virtuous circle, where the needs […]

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Testing URLSessionDownloadTask

Hi all. It’s been a while. So I’ve recently got my hands on a MacBook Pro, and I’ve been experimenting with Swift development while trying to build my ultimate SubSonic client. The experience has been… rocky, to say the least. The problem So, you are building this cool app that would download stuff off the […]

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